Opening Exhibition



17 & 18 December 2022
12 - 8 pm


The title Plaza refers to a public square, marketplace, or open space in an urban context. It fulfills a plurality of functions, social and economic, and serves as a symbol for a community's identity. Acting as a city or town's “living room”, a plaza helps us mirror and show what is going on around an existing community. Santillana wondered: “If the spirit of Indebt Studio would be a city and if there was a plaza, what could be on it and what should it do for its users?” Touching on ideas of self-organization and collective empowerment Santillana transforms the exhibition space, the gallery as a prime example of exclusion, into a public space. Reducing it to mere square meters, used to facilitate a community. For Plaza the artist invited local initiatives. Social interventions that help us understand what kind of encounters we may be able to experience. Dreaming of a place to meet without appointments, connect with craftsmen that can’t afford a location in the metropolitan, better access to healthy affordable food or the possibility of playing board games. Simply to unite in a meaningful way outside of the digital realm. Coming from Peruvian descent, the project also speaks on Santillana’s heritage. Having a Danish mother and Peruvian immigrant father, the artist’s perspective lives on the bridge between the two cultures. Two cultures often in opposition. Citing his father: “Western people stress to relax”, the project is a way to counter the pace of the 24/7 economy. Commenting on the lack of moments to slow down in western culture, both in a temporal as well as a monetary sense. Instead Santillana creates a space to be able to waste time wisely.